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by:QUESTT     2020-07-08
Digital design tools are the result of technological advances, and digital technologies for the design, development and manufacture of auxiliary components and products are common practices.
Digital design tools include: Computer-aided engineering (CAE)
Computer-aided design (CAD)
Computer-aided manufacturing (CAM)
The design can start with a set of 2D sketches and then evolve into a 3D CAD drawing of the part.
Rapid prototyping (for example, with 3D printing) can quickly allow the use of computer numerical control (CNC)
Machines such as CNC milling machines ).
An example of computer-aided design (CAD)
Computer digital control (CNC)
Computer-aided engineering (CAE)
Computer-aided engineering (CAE)
Enables designers to test and analyze the performance of components or designs by using computer simulation software.
Compared with traditional testing, the use of CAE provides greater analytical capabilities, including: reducing lead time for different materials for production preparation testing to adapt to reducing development costs and reducing development time, because data can be quickly analyzed so that improvements can be made quickly in the digital finite element analysis of files (FEA)
Finite element analysis (FEA)
Computer simulation software is used to test the engineering performance of the design.
This can include a simulation of the performance of the structure under stress or strain, as well as a simulation of how heat and fluid are transmitted in the design.
Architects can use finite element analysis simulations to test the bridge\'s response to the load crossing the bridge or the effect of the wind on the bridge.
An example of finite element analysis (FEA)of a chain -
In the concentration of the red display force, the design engineer can decide whether the design needs to strengthen the computational fluid dynamics (CFD)
Computational fluid dynamics (CFD)
It is a design that uses software to simulate and analyze the surrounding gas and liquid flow.
For example, Aviation (airplane)
Engineers can use CFD tests to study the impact of different wing designs on aircraft performance.
Shape optimization is a way to use a computer to help find the best shape for a part or product
Maintain its performance while reducing weight.
An example is to remove excess material from the heart wheel to create the spoke.
Computer-aided design (CAD)
Computer-aided design (CAD)
Software is a common feature of the iterative design process that allows designers to digitally create designs in 2D or 3D form.
It can then be edited and operated quickly and can be exported for computer-aided manufacturing (CAM).
Computer-aided manufacturing (CAM)
Can design products on computer-aided design (CAD)
The package is then sent to the computer-aided manufacturing (CAM)
The machine to be cut out (such as using a laser cutting machine ).
This may have a high initial cost, so it is usually used for mass production or to create a quick prototype at the beginning of the design process to save time and money.
Computer-aided design (computer-aided design)CAD)
Computer-aided manufacturing (CAM)-
Examples of laser cutting of Cam machinery include: computer numerical control (CNC)
Milling Machine-
The cutter of the material in X-will be removedand Y-
When the machine is moved under the bed, the axis gives the complete three-
Size cutting control from above, accurately remove about 0.
5mm in the era of computer numerical control (CNC)lathe -
When rotating at high speed, the tool moves to the fixed material and removes about 0 accurately.
5mm at a time to produce a circular shape such as a lead hammer or a center punchlaser cutter
The laser passes through a small diamond, which focuses the laser beam and enhances its power so that it can pass through the material and cut out the 2D shape selective laser melting
Laser is used to melt the cross section of the design into a very thin layer of powder metal, such as aluminum or steel, which harden on previous layers and slowly build shape 3d printing
About 0 layers.
3mm of extrusion materials, usually plastic, but also metal such as aluminum, titanium and steel, are constructed into 3D stereo molding-
Laser scanning photosensitive resin bath, curing the cross section of the design before entering the next layer, which is beneficial in metal production, because the parts produced through this process can be used to make the main pattern for the metal casting prototype. The prototype is the name of a range of technologies that allow designers to produce scale models or full-size parts.
It is an additional manufacturing process that means adding materials and 3D printing is a common technique.
Since complex parts can be manufactured quickly, rapid prototyping is often used in the development phase.
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