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\'makerarm,\' 3d printer on steroids, aims to make diy projects easier

by:QUESTT     2020-07-25
Welcome to our wired future and still have difficulties when we get the printer to work.
However, some of the problems people encountered in 2015 were more than just buggy software, bad drivers, or misplaced paper. (
Remember the sprocket cardboard of the dot matrix printer? No? LUCKY YOU! )
Today, people use 3D printers to create objects, not images or text, and then there\'s a new problem ---
From the blocked print head to the establishment of a horizontal print surface, not to mention the cost of such a job.
A new campaign by Kickstarter aims to solve many of these problems, offering a relatively affordable arm as a combination of 3D printers, fitters, manufacturers, laser cutting machines and painters.
As of Tuesday afternoon, only a week before the campaign, theMakerarmproject attracted 13 6 supporters and attracted $140,000 of its $349,750 target.
What makes people excited? Makerarm co-
Founder Zaib Husain and Azam Shahani built a working prototype that works in free space instead of printing out an object in a fence.
Measure 15.
7 inch long, 31.
The arm is 4 inch wide and 10 inch high to help users create and cut large 3D objects.
It can be connected to any workbench and printed or cut on uneven surfaces, which is difficult for regular 3D printers to do.
Makerarm also has an interchanging knife head that can be replaced with different functions, from cutting to printing the icing design on the cake.
Ideas for allin-
One way is the result of frustration and desire for something better.
\"We have 3D printers and milling machines,\" Husain said in an interview with Huffington Post . \".
\"You name it, and we have worked together in the past.
We are just not happy with the quality of work and the hassle of installation, the frustration of leveling the bed in a 3D printer.
We ended up spending a lot of time fiddling with and repairing machines instead of spending as much time on projects as we hoped.
\"Makerarm is not limited to the use of a material. Many consumer-
Like the popular MakerBot, premium 3D printers melt the plastic in an interior before squeezing the plastic to create the final layered object.
Others use resin instead of plastic and use UV rays to solidify the resin layer into the desired shape.
However, the creators of Makerarm claim that their device will be the first machine capable of 3D
Print using plastic or resin.
Supporters of the new Kickstarter campaign will get Makerarm for $1,399 in October 2016, assuming the creators have broken their targets.
For the sake of comparison, MakerBot3D printersrange is priced at $1 for entry-level devices, $375 for 6,499, and $ for top-level devicesof-the-Line Replicator
\"The key part behind the project is to make the iteration prototype more affordable,\" Husain said . \".
\"From an affordable point of view, as part of the manufacturer and manufacturing community, we realize that a lot of people have no access to the machines we have, or can even pay membership fees to makerspace.
If you are not familiar with the concept, \"makerspace\" refers to a learning environment where people can modify and create DIY projects together.
So far, the Makerarm prototype has been well received in the industry.
On a 3D printed blog, Anatol Locker calls it a \"dream machine \".
MISAR Morley.
Hou wrote in the 3d printing industry that this is a better way to \"build the future.
Will Makerarm become a \"must\"
Makerspace for schools, libraries or garages will depend on the quality of production in 2016.
You can see Makerarmin\'s actions in the video embedded below and judge for yourself.
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