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influential short-seller warns of bubble in 3d printers

by:QUESTT     2020-07-16
Shares of companies selling 3D printers fell on Thursday after Citroen research said they were overvalued and the US highlighted the technology this weekS.
President Obama has been hyped.
In recent years, manufacturers of 3D printers have turned a growing technology used by manufacturers for more than 20 years to consumers, providing the prospect of producing everything from toys to tools at home, their share price soared.
Research on Shannon operated by California
Basic investors and notable bears
Seller Andrew Left released a report on Thursday accusing 3D systems Chief Executive Shinzo Abe of exaggerating the progress of 3D printing and causing the stock bubble of 3D printing companies.
\"It seems that when the reality of complete insanity is established, the workshop is established-
\"It\'s called \'3D Printing\' inventory, especially 3D systems,\" Citron Research said . \".
\"There is a good promoter behind every good bubble, in which case we have the best promoter in Abe Reichental.
Shares of 3D Systems Corporation (DDD. N)
The largest listed company in the United StatesS.
Manufacturers of 3D printers fell.
So is Stratasys stock (SSYS. O)and ExOne (XONE. O).
Citron Research focuses on stocks that it considers fraudulent and deliberately overvalued.
The company said that in the past five years, the 3D system has not made significant progress in 3D printing technology, and recently redesigned consumer goods, little change.
Mount Michigan, South Carolina
3D Systems and Stratasys declined to comment.
3D printing, also known as additional manufacturing, creates solid objects from digital models by placing continuous thin layers of material.
Under the traditional \"subtraction\" method, objects are cut from solid blocks of metal or plastic.
In his State of the Union address on Tuesday, Obama pointed out that 3D printing is a technology for manufacturing innovation and said it \"has the potential to radically change the way we make almost anything.
Shares of 3D printers rose the next day. Leading-
For example, edge 3D printers are looking for new roles in manufacturing to create product prototypes and other types of one-off production.
Companies such as General Electric (GE. N)
Plans to manufacture light aircraft parts using 3D printing technology.
The dentist uses it to make the crown in an hour instead of two weeks.
But today\'s consumers
Level 3D printers can only produce egg stands, Combs and plastic toys, Citron Research said.
Shares of 3D Systems have tripled in the past 12 months, and recent deals are more than 12-42 times what the company expectsmonth earnings.
Stratasys shares have almost doubled in the past 12 months.
Its shares have recently been priced 39 times as much as expected.
After Citron\'s report, the 3D system was turned off.
$ 36%, $62.
75 and Stratasys ended 6.
Fell 08% to $71. 20.
ExOne closed 2.
$ 96%, $27. 18. (
Report by Noel Randewich;
The editor of Javier Bailian)
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