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in the universe of printers, one worth talking about

by:QUESTT     2020-07-20
What do you want to say about the evil of the printer company.
Why, ink is more expensive than printer!
Yes, we know.
They give the razor away and sell it to your expensive Blade! âx80x9d Correct.
They say we have to use their own ink brand!
It\'s just to stop us from using cheaper ink from other companies! âx80x9d Bingo.
But that\'s an inkjet printer. In the black-and-
White, personal laser
I was pleasantly surprised in the printer field.
The h I bought in 2003. P.
The LaserJet 1300 is cheap, compact and easy to connect to the Internet;
It has served me perfectly for ten years.
It finally gave up the ghost a few months ago, or even started printing lighter and lighter pages, even with new cartridges.
I\'m thinking of fixing it, but when I see I can get a brand that\'s faster and better --
The new laser printer costs about $100 and I decided to jump into the future. ($100. Man.
My first laser printer was NEC SilentWriter, and a friend of mine and I paid $6,000 for it in my 80 s. )
Now, I don\'t usually look at the printer.
The reason is simple: I am-
Manual operation, there are hundreds of printer models to review.
I lost the war very quickly.
However, the one I really bought is worth mentioning.
Restaurants in Hewlett-
Pro P1606dn ($150 online).
Fortunately, no matter who named these things, they will not be designed.
This is a rockin printer.
First of all, it is shiny black and Tiny: 15 inch wide, 11 deep, 9. 5 inches tall.
Believe it or not, we put it on the shelf.
It weighs 15 pounds and is very light. (
By contrast, my old SilentWriter is about the same size and weight as the Volkswagen Beetle. )
Keeping it in the main living area of the House is also achieved by the thoughtful narcoolepsy of this printern estate environment;
When you don\'t print it goes into a completely silent sleep.
Even so, it has a quiet mode that is slower but quieter than normal.
Second, the printer is actually set up by itself.
The smart installation function means that the drivers and software you need are built into the printer;
You don\'t need a CD or download.
Any computer you connect to it with a USB cable will immediately grab the software it needs. (
Smart installation for Windows.
We don\'t need it for our mac;
OS X comes with drivers that are already built in. )
Just a few seconds after clicking print, the first page pops up and the printer crashes completely: 25 pages per minute.
It makes the inkjet printer look very slow.
The printed thing looks great, crisp and black.
The input and output trays can accommodate 150 sheets of paper;
There is also a priority location for envelopes, label paper and other special paper.
You can get about 2,000 pages per $78 cartridge, which is not good.
But for my family, the star feature of the p1606d is: * Built-in-in networking.
Plug the Ethernet cable into the back and suddenly, this thing is on the network, so any Mac or PC in the home can send it a print output wirelessly. No setup. * AirPrint.
You can send print output to this printer from iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch or at least any app with print command without any settings.
For example, we often use mobile phones as scanners. (
We use scanners.
Like app JotNot, capture the image of the page and print it wirelessly immediately on HP. Double sided. )* Double-sided printing.
I \'ve never seen double sided printing on a personal laser printer before, but it\'s awesome.
It saves a lot of paper and provides a particularly good service for manuscripts and sheet music.
It looks great.
Each page is spit out from the printer, then sucked back, and the last second slide out, now printed on both sides.
You sacrificed it.
This printer does not have a screen or even a status panel with only three indicator lights, but I have never missed it. No memory-
There are also card slots.
Like most printers, this printer does not have any cables.
You need to provide your own USB or Ethernet cable.
Very fast, very good quality, very cheap;
No wonder this printer is well received on Amazon.
There\'s another one here.
If you are looking for a home laser printer, you will fall in love with it no matter what it is called.
Since 2000, David Boger\'s technical column has appeared on The Times four times a week.
He wrote The Times every week.
The email column \"from David Boger\'s desk\" produced a short, fun Web video for The New York Times.
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After writing personal technology for the times for 13 years, David Boger will open a consumer technology website at Yahoo.
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