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edge lit acrylic sign: 6 steps (with pictures)

by:QUESTT     2020-04-16
1. )
Acrylic sheets: size according to your preference-www. tapplastics.
Example of cost: a piece of 12 inch x 1/2 acrylic fiber costs $20. 50. 2. )
Outline of edge lighting, end cap and spring loaded pins and screws, both of which are consistent with the size of acrylic resinwww. harborsales.
Cost 12 inch the net sample cost of the Profile 2 end caps and 2 pins is $19. 78 3. )
Co2 laser cutting machine
If you can\'t get it at a local store, you can go to www. ponoko.
Com buy acrylic and upload the design and put it in acrylic. 4. )
LED light strip or light strip-www. Super bright LEDs
Or visit your local auto parts store auto or even wal-mart.
Usually around $18. 00 to $25. 00. 5. )
Design software-
Any design software Corel draw, Adobe Illustrator, etc.
Optional item 6. )
Bernzomatic torch starter kit-www. bernzomatic.
Com used to polish the cost of acrylic edge 39. 99 to 50. 00. 1. )
Determine the size and design of your logo.
Prepare text and images using computer graphics programs.
Choose a design that looks good in black and white as carving cannott creates any shade. 2 . )
Use the horizontal flip or mirror function of the graphics program to be used to get a mirror image of the design so that it can be engraved on the back of the acrylic panel and viewed from the smooth front.
If the design contains a color or shadow, change it to black-and-white format.
Remember: there can be no shadows in engraving, it must be pure black and white.
Acrylic Awards, plaques and gifts can be carved on the top or on the back, so that engraving can be viewed through acrylic.
The latter is the most popular way to carve acrylic. 1)
When in reverse engraving on the back of the acrylic: graphics and text should be mirrored in order to read from the front.
Use the mirror tool in Corel DRAW or Adobe Illustrator or the program of your choice to easily complete the Mirror feature.
This feature usually shows an icon at the top of the page or can be done by pressing Alt f9.
* Forgetting to mirror graphics is a common mistake and I\'m sure I made more mistakes than I admit.
As an inspection of my layout skills, I will use a green colored polyester mask on the top of the acrylic sheet and engrave * at very low power *(
On a 40 W laser system, the power is 5% and the speed is 100%)
Adjust accordingly.
After I am sure that the graphics are correct and engraved in the correct position, remove the mask and engrave the acrylic resin with the correct power supply. 1)
Get a white, colored or multi-colored LED depending on the effect you want.
Measure the thickness of the LED tape, usually about 1/8.
Get the aluminum frame in advance
The size of the cut into acrylic sheet, plus twice the thickness of the LED tape, plus 1/8.
Assembly frame. 2)
LED tape and band pass often have 3m tape on the back, remove the tape backing and secure it in the middle of the profile channel.
Connect the power supply according to the manufacturer\'s instructions and turn the LED on and off to check the operation. 3)
Place the carved acrylic panel inside the frame and the surface is smooth. 4)
Clean the back and front with a soft cloth.
* Do not use paper towels or any ammonia based cleaner
Turn on the led to view the logo. 1. )
To polish the edge of the acrylic sheet: propane torch must be used.
It will not burn at the right temperature.
Just pass the propane flame torch to the edge at a slow and steady speed.
This step is optional. 2. )
Once a piece of acrylic is cleaned, its brilliance will shine with engraving, while cleaning the acrylic will bring out its quality, and sometimes the acrylic will be damaged during cleaning.
It is very important to know the correct cleaning technology as it retains the desired quality of acrylic.
* Acrylic cleaning point: never use paper towels, the fibers in the paper towels are like fine sandpaper, which will make the surface turbid.
Do not use window cleaners or any other alcohol or ammonia-
Based on cleaning agents because they react with acrylic photo integral: www. tapplastics. com www. bernzomatic.
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Photo credits: www. Hurricanelasers.
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