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Cutting Metals for Vehicle Manufacturing

by:QUESTT     2020-06-20
Steel is known to be very strong, but still light enough to be used as one of the main materials for making cars and similar vehicles.This raises the question: if a substance is hard enough to make a car, how do you cut it into complex shapes to make a car that works completely?The same tools and technologies are used by car manufacturers and independent manufacturers.Nowadays, most of the time, the craftsman does not cut the metal by hand, but puts the original parts into the computer --A controlled machine that makes cutting and forming into very precise measurements.In fact, the cutting metal used to make cars uses many of the same technologies as other metal manufacturing industries, such as shipbuilding.Small or low-Volume metal cutting without great precisionFor example, someone cuts metal in a garage to modify their carThe scissors can be cut manually.For larger volume work, or for those used in large-scale manufacturing that require very precise metal cutting, the equipment becomes more complex.Common examples include computers.Laser and plasma cutting machines.These metal cutting techniques can cut a lot of materials very quickly.The use of computer control means that there are very few (if any) errors, and the high accuracy reduces waste, thus maintaining low cost.As the competition in the automotive manufacturing industry is so fierce, companies that supply auto parts are always looking for new tools and technologies to save labor costs without sacrificing quality or precision.The laser works well in cutting half an inch thick steel or cutting 1 thick aluminum out of 3.They are most effective when used for materials that are free of impurities and inconsistent, and of course it is best to use for sheet metal parts.Using laser cutting technology at lowHigh quality materials often cause a rough cut or molten metal to splash onto a laser lens, causing a lot of expensive damage.The plasma blows the ionised gas flow by cutting the negatively charged electrode inside the torch nozzle.The metal to be cut is positively charged (Ie.Opposite the airflow ).When the gas comes into contact with the metal, an over-heated area (usually more than 20,000 degrees or more) is created that passes through the metal.In order for the vehicle to meet the quality standards of appearance and performance, metal components must be cut within a very narrow percentage of precision called tolerances.
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