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by:QUESTT     2020-04-24
In the past few decades, custom laser engraving has become commonplace in metal processing and jewelry making in the professional field.
Initially, laser engraving is a service that only applies to high-end goods such as jewelry or expensive knives and guns.
As laser technology is getting cheaper, businesses have been able to offer custom laser engraving services for ordinary products like photo frames and dog cards.
Until recently, carving was a skill reserved by artisans and professional jewelry craftsmen and metal workers.
Using traditional techniques and tools, these sculptors create a unique look and look that can be personalized and cherished forever.
This is a long labor-intensive process with little room for error and requires skilled hands to ensure a high quality finished product.
Although craftsmen still exist (
Usually in the making of jewelry, engrave the first letter or name on the ring and pendant)
They are a smaller part of the whole carving community.
Modern operations require laser engraving machines, and skilled technicians can ensure that no raw materials are wasted on engraving, which is different from traditional engraving because it is more precise, batch orders can be repeated and cheap.
Modern engraving workshops can produce simple custom business cards for $2 per card, leaving little space for artisan sculptors to make a living.
Although the artist\'s dilemma may be considered a tragedy for some with the decline in technical costs, the laser engraving machine once appeared miraculously and even amateur sculptors could be reached.
While an industrial engraving machine costs up to $100 and a professional machine costs up to $20,000, there is a laser engraving solution for just $1,000.
These machines typically use a 40 watt CO2 laser for cutting small patterns, words and phrases on small pieces of metal.
The groove can be drawn from there, or colored with a fine brush.
For those who want to buy a unique piece of art, precision laser engraving has become cheap and even an easy way to distinguish business cards.
While artists may not be able to make a living as easily as carving, custom laser engraving is convenient and beautiful for individuals and businesses.
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