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Custom Engraved Dog Tags: Laser Engraving Explained

by:QUESTT     2020-06-07
Many types of businesses and individuals are using two custom dog tags for promotions: authentic military dog tags and military \"style\" dog tags.From wedding and party offers to exhibitions and conferences, personalized dog cards are becoming more and more popular.The authentic dog tag is embossed and a process involving letters, numbers and some special characters is printed on metal to make the text look outstanding.These labels are made of stainless steel and have rolling edges.Relief stainless steel dog brand has been used in the United StatesS.Armed forces since World War IThe military-style dog tag is made of anodized aluminum with no curling edges.These dog tags are personalized and use a method called laser engraving to copy text and logo on one side or on both sides.While authentic dog tags are usually made in silver or brass, the dog tags are available in a wide variety of aluminum colors (I.e.Black, blue, red, green, purple, gold, etc.).Both styles of custom dog labels can be equipped with rubber dog label silencers as well as neck chains or open rings for keys.Other less common customization methods for personalizing dog labels include pad printing and full color process printing.Both methods are able to reproduce the design in one or more colors, while the design of laser engraving shows a bright white color.This article focuses on the process of laser engraving to produce custom carving dog cards.The laser is emitted by the excitation of radiation to enlarge the light.The process applied to anodized aluminum and other materials creates permanent marks that do not rub or scratch.Laser engraving is a marking process that is superior to traditional screen printing and pad printing, which will gradually disappear over time.Laser engraved dog tags will always keep your name, logo or information visible...Obvious advantages of promotional products.Laser engraving produces a custom dog label by removing the color anodized coating of the original aluminum exposed to the bottom of the surface.The process of Anode Oxidation is used to produce a durable coating on the metal, which can also be of some color.In addition to coloring the metal, it also protects the surface from weathering and scratches.So how does the laser work? Is it amazing to make custom engraved dog tags?There are two kinds of laser engraving system for custom dog label: CO2 system and Nd: YAG system.For engraving, both systems focus a beam of high-intensity light through the lens.This high-The power-focused beam has enough energy to evaporate the Anode Oxidation coating of aluminum exposed to the bottom of the surface, thus creating visible marks on the material.The CO2 system manages the formation of the image, just like the traditional point matrix printer scans from left to right while moving \"through the image\" down, while the pulse evaporates the beam onto the material.The Nd: YAG laser system realizes the surface image by passing the beam through the lens through a computer-controlled mirror.When producing engraved dog labels, the two systems are not equal.The slower CO2 system will produce marks of different quality depending on the color of the marked product (anodized coating.The quality is defined according to the brightness of the mark.The brighter the better.Regardless of the color of the material, high quality laser engraving marks will appear bright white.For CO2 systems, some markers appear on the color of the marked material, resulting in less than ideal appearance images.Red, blue and black are the troublesome colors.CO2 lasers rarely produce bright white marks on custom dog labels in these colors.Take home information: Always ask about the equipment being used when ordering dog cards with laser engraving.If it\'s a CO2 laser, you can expect that your image on some colors doesn\'t look very attractive (for example, it looks pink on red, light blue on blue and gray on black products ).The Nd: YAG laser system enables more consistent and high quality engraving dog cards.In addition to the bright white markings needed to produce a scream quality, the Nd: YAG laser is much faster than the CO2 laser, resulting in lower operating speedSave you time and cost.The personalized dog label with name, logo and information for custom laser engraving is a promotional product and will definitely leave a deep first impression on the recipient.Visit www.dogtagsinc.Com from authentic military and engraved dog labels to full-color marks, blanks, dog tag products and dog tag makers are available at an absolute lowest wholesale price.
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