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Creating Rubber Stamps: Not All Methods Created Equal (Part 1 of 3)

by:QUESTT     2020-06-19
Whether you are a rookie, a hit, or an experienced veteran of rubber stamp, you will no doubt want to know how to make your own rubber stamp.
There are many ways to use when creating a custom rubber stamp; in this three-
Part series, you will learn the pros and cons of several different stamps
Production method.
Regardless of the method, good luck if you want to be a rubber stamp supplier.
Finding Osama bin Laden cave is easier than finding a wholesale supplier of stamp stands and boxes.
In addition to their secret identity, wholesale suppliers may also have minimum purchase requirements or different price discounts for quantities.
Starting with small businesses, it\'s better to buy boxes and mounts from local craft shops.
If you really want to make high quality rubber stamp, the best technique is laser engraving.
They may cost thousands of dollars, but many are high.
The final sculptor can create stamps that are accurate to 1000 dpi.
Laser engraving machine is the best choice for high productivity and high quality rubber stamps, items such as graphics or small text are easy to achieve.
Laser sculptors are cleaner than other rubber stamps
There is little waste in manufacturing methods and advanced alignment techniques.
Laser engraving is not labor-intensive,
Hundreds of stamps can be programmed to carve once.
The engraving speed of a square inch rubber stamp is about 60 seconds.
While this looks slow, it makes the engraving deep when the laser engraving is etched.
The cutting line is carved so deep that the rubber does not require actual cutting or special scissors;
After the engraving is completed, just press the etching item.
These cutting lines will save a lot of time, otherwise they will be assigned to tedious cutting and manual customization.
Once the rubber stamp is etched, simply remove them from the laser engraver and soak them in water 5-10 minutes.
This makes it easy to clean up rubber dust and resin with items like toothbrushes.
Washing of rubber is a must;
If the rubber is not cleaned, the residual dust in the engraving process may hinder the quality of the impression.
After cleaning the rubber, dry it with a paper towel or hand towel.
At this point you can either put it in an uninstalled place or stick it in advanceinked, or self-inking device.
Now you have learned a lot about one of the stamps.
Please look forward to the production method!
Exciting information about making stamps at home hasn\'t arrived yet!
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