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cnc plasma cutter pros and cons - industrial mechanical

by:QUESTT     2020-06-09

For more than 50 years, the plasma cutting machine has been the preferred method for cutting metal.Since 70, they have gained wide recognition in the industry as they offer more advantages than other cutting methods.Let\'s take a look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of CNC plasma cutting equipment.Fast -No preheating is required, so the torch can start cutting immediately.Speeds up to 500IPM, which can compete with laser cutting machines depending on the part type.Versatile -Capable of piercing, complex cutting and chamfer in one operation.The plasma cutting machine can effectively cut any conductive metal up to 6 \\ \"thick.Precise -Paired with stateof-the-Art software and high-precision components eliminate the need for expensive secondary operations.The torch head is controlled by a computer and cut clean and sharp.High cutting qualityLess scum, high quality edge.Close integration between the cutting torch and the software leads to high quality production.Easy to Use -While the CNC machine may seem complex, the CNC (computer numerical control) software takes up most of the guesswork in the cutting process.With a state-of-the-Even the first operator can produce amazing results.Safe -Exhaust or shutdown is available for most quality systemsDraft the system to take the smoke away from the operator.Hardened edgeThe plasma will produce a heat-affected zone and harden the edges of the material being cut.Dross -Cost -The cost of CNC plasma cutting machines may be higher, but faster cutting speed and higher cutting quality can be achieved with less labor-intensive secondary operations for faster production.Long-term efficiency and precision are factors that affect the total cost of plasma cutting machines, not just the price.Many low-Price, medium to lowThere are high quality plasma cutting machines on the market today.Poor design, bad workmanship, old technology, and inefficient components significantly shorten the life of cheap plasma cutting machines and prevent companies from achieving the productivity gains and cost savings they expect.What seems important in the early stage will eventually allow you to spend time and money on the road.Ak cutting, Cleveland, Ohio, produces heavy-duty, high-quality CNC plasma cutting machines.You can learn more about them.When comparing the cutting method or purchasing the next CNC machine, consider the plasma cutting machine.A large number of benefits or advantages make it a powerful and profitable cutting machine.All machines have their own list of shortcomings.Thorough investigation before purchase.
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