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CNC Laser Engraver

by:QUESTT     2020-06-26
Hello, Conservative Party at MYDIYCNC again.
Today, I want to show you how to do laser engraving simply on CNC machines.
Using a laser head is a great thing.
You can carve anything with wood, plastic, cardboard, etc. . . .
Of course, what you carve or burn with a laser head depends entirely on you and what you can create.
Follow these steps and you will also know how to do laser engraving.
Okay, so get everything ready first, ready.
You need: 1.
Your CNC machine, we use MYDIYCNC machine here. 2.
Your laser head. 3. Safety Glasses. 4.
The material you are going to engrave, we are using the basic balsa wood today.
Now you need to create the image you want to engrave with your laser head.
First, you need to download the program called Inkscape.
In Inkscape, this is very simple, just click the Add text button to create the space to be filled with text.
I type in California because that\'s where we are :).
You can then select the font type you want to use and you will see the drop-down font menu in the top left corner.
After you create the text, continue to save the SVG file.
Then go to makercam.
Com, from here you will generate Gcode for your text.
Continue to open the saved SVG file, click on the CAM option and choose to follow the path action, as you can see in the photo, I only have the basic settings for creating the toolpath.
When you\'re done, click calculate all under CAM, then click CAM again and select export Gcode \".
The Gcode file is now created.
You have to do one more thing, edit the Gcode file in Notepad, use L (Laser)commands.
I turned off the laser with L0 and turned on the laser at 50% with L50.
Once it\'s done, you can move on.
Now the fun part is starting!
Start your CNC software, I use FabCam on MYDIYCNC machine.
Load the Gcode file you just created.
Put the material on the bed of the CNC machine.
Now, you will want to lift the machine to a good home location and put the home location in a place that is enough to carve the space you need for your project.
Once everything is loaded, opened and set to go.
Handle your Gcode!
Now you can sit down for a drink, have some snacks and listen to some tunes and your CNC will be finished soon: D
As you can see, we have installed a special small piece on our machine to eliminate the need to wear glasses, which can prevent any harmful light from hurting your eyes.
You have successfully made a laser engraving work in just a few steps!
As I said before, what you carve is entirely up to you.
You can do anything from text to full photos or images!
Thank you for checking out my laser engraving instructions.
Be sure to check out my other instructions on acrylic engraving and check out MYDIYCNC.
Com, if you have an account and submit your work, we would love to see what you did :)
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