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City Hall Blog: Imagine Space suffering from lack of space

by:QUESTT     2020-05-29
The library is no longer just for reading.
Imagination space is the first public maker space in Ottawa, and the Centrepointe branch of the Ottawa Public Library in Nepean is so successful that it is growing. The 400-square-
With the support of the United States, the foot building area was opened on April 2014S.
Embassy and corner project of the United States.
It includes 3D modeling, printing and scanning equipment, as well as laser cutting machines, photo editing, audio and video editing equipment and green screens.
The laser cutting machine is particularly popular and the waiting list is very long.
A report from the library says.
But the narrow space means that some devices cannot be installed permanently, other devices are not visible to potential users, and there is not enough space to visit the school group.
Now, the imagination space is developing towards the neighboring area.
This will double its size, including a point in the second laser cutter.
In order to achieve this goal, the imaginary space will be closed from November.
Early February.
While reconfiguring, most devices-
Besides laser cutting machine-
Will be relocated in the branch.
Construction costs are estimated at $85,000.
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