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ces 2016: desktop 3d printer uses paper, glue and razors

by:QUESTT     2020-06-03
On the CES tech show in Las Vegas, a desktop 3D printer that uses paper, ink and glue to make very detailed objects is unveiled.
Mcor says this is the first time this technology has appeared on machines suitable for classrooms and offices.
The device is one of many newly released 3D printers.
Other releases include sub£200 ($300)
Models and machines for making circuit boards.
There is still uncertainty throughout the industry.
Shares of many of the companies involved fell in 2015 for fear that the industry was excessive. hyped.
However, shipments are expected to increase from about 244,000 units in 2015 to 2 units.
According to Gartner, a research firm, there were 4 million units in 2018.
Mcor Arke creates a color model at a resolution of 4,800 by 2,400 points per inch, providing more detail than many 2D printers.
It does this by cutting the plain paper into shape using a razor, coloring it with ink marks, then connecting all the layers together with glue, and laminating the final object.
The Company believes that the use of ordinary paper has an advantage over competitors.
\"Because paper is used with other non-paper
Toxic material, no special ventilation or treatment system is required, just a normal recycle bin [and none of]
Other 3D printers use confusing powder or melted plastic . \"The machine -
For schools and offices
It will be available before July for $5,995.
This is about half the price Mcor charges for larger models.
\"No one can match Michael\'s resolution in terms of color,\" said Daniel O\'Connor of TCT Magazine . \".
\"The resolution of this printer is twice that of any industrial machine that typically costs more than $50,000.
\"Taiwan\'s XYZprinting wants to be successful by selling a model for $269.
Leonardo da Vinci Mini builds objects layer by spraying hot plastic, a basic technique that means the creation looks a bit rough and ready.
But the company says it can act as a startup device.
\"Making 3D printing technology affordable and easy to use has always been XYZprinting\'s biggest goal so we can break down barriers to ownership,\" Shen Simon, the company\'s chief executive, told the BBC.
\"There are other obstacles besides the price, such as speed and multiple colors, but this is only a matter of time [before]
There is at least one 3D printer in each home and office.
\"Mr O\'Connor said it is important that an established brand now offers a 3D printer for less than the price of the game console.
\"The machines produced by XYZprinting may not be the highest quality in the world, but they not only fill the gaps that people want in schools and other educational purposes,\" he said . \".
And higher-The end gear of CES.
The 3D system has a model that can print complex objects with titanium, stainless steel and nickel.
The ProX DMP 320 is for the aerospace and automotive industries and costs up to $700,000.
Nano Dimension, an Israeli startup
Up, is demonstrating a printer that uses ink containing silver nanoparticles to make complex circuit boards.
It says Dragonfly 2020 can help gadgets.
Manufacturers bring their products to market faster by making it easier to test the electronics involved.
Other exhibitors include: Makerbot-
One of the largest 3D printing brands
Also in attendance.
Its latest product, Smart Extruder, may not look like an eye
As a competitor to its competitors, but this marks an important moment in the business.
The $199 device allows users to upgrade the parts of their machines that melt plastic and push it through nozzles to make objects.
It includes a sensor that can pause the printing process and send an alert to the user\'s smartphone if it detects that the plastic is stuck or exhausted.
The component itself is a replacement for the original version launched in 2014, and customers complain that the version failed faster than expected.
Last year, a class action lawsuit was filed on the matter, claiming that the company deliberately sold products that it knew were problematic.
Affected owners only offer 90-to Makerbot-
Daily warranty of equipment.
This has been extended to six months for the Smart Extruder.
\"Makerbot was very bad about the initial publicity,\" Mr O\'Connor said . \".
\"It really needs to focus on improving technology and making it work right now, rather than launching fancy machines, and I think that\'s what it\'s doing right now.
\"Read more CES articles and watch the BBC team report the show on Twitter.
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