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C02 Lasers - Different Types and Materials Used in the Process

by:QUESTT     2020-05-02
Although the CO2 laser is the oldest gas laser, it is still considered one of the most useful lasers.It is also included in the list of so-Known as a multi-function laser, because it is obviously useful in several applications and processes.It is composed of different chemical components.In addition to carbon dioxide, helium and nitrogen are also present in the output.The proportion of these three components is 9.5:13.5:77.These three roles play different roles in the process.It is in nitrogen and the energy is absorbed before it ignites carbon dioxide.Nitrogen continues to ignite it when CO2 produces a laser.The role of helium can be seen through the heat transfer process.The type of carbon dioxide laser the basic type of carbon dioxide laser is divided into three types.The first is the axial gas-Flow pumped from one end of the tube before the carbon dioxide, nitrogen and helium mixture flows out of the other end.To ensure that the flow remains the same, carbon dioxide is continuously pumped into the tube.The role of nitrogen and helium in this process is to improve efficiency.With the help of folding the optical system, the length of this CO2 laser may be reduced.And horizontal air-flow CO2 laser.The gas flow in this process is horizontal.It is able to generate higher power output from higher tube pressure.There is also a third type called a sealing tube.This is similar to sealed helium and neon, sealed ar and krypton lasers.No refill during the process.In addition to these types, the various building materials of CO2 laser are also different building materials that deserve attention.For example, mirrors utilize Silicon, gold and molybdenumAll of them are coated.For Windows, ge and zinc selenium are used in the building.In some cases, diamonds can also be used in the production of windows or mirrors.Some of the optical components produced are traditionally made of sodium or potassium chloride.Now, these materials are no longer used because, despite the low cost, production drops rapidly, especially when moisture is present in the atmosphere.CO2 lasers generally used for cutting, heat treatment, engraving and welding.They are also important in the production of cardboard, fabrics, paper, plastics, wood and ceramics.In addition, they can also be used in the medical field in the field of dermatology.In this application, laser surgery, peeling and surface repair of the skin are few examples.
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