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Awesome Kitchen Tools: New Technology in the Kitchen

by:QUESTT     2020-04-26
Introduction to kitchen utensils many of us do not like to cook, and do not know when to use kitchen utensils;
Now new technologies make things easier.
While it\'s not as exciting as a laser cutter or fat vaporizer, some of the simpler and cheaper gadgets make it a lot easier to use the kitchen and are really cool.
There are three main types of Palm Peeler, various kitchens and families-
The company has such a version.
The price is relatively cheap, around $5 to $10, and can be seen everywhere.
Unlike ordinary knife stripping, the Palm peeler can provide more comfortable grip, reduce the chance of being cut, and is very easy to clean and maintain, unlike other peelers who may lose their sharpness faster.
The microbes disappeared. The microorganisms disappear, boasting that it can suck out bacteria in meat products by vacuum and destroy them with the help of a special natural solution (
Salt and vinegarlike chemical).
This is perfect for sushi using raw chicken and fish, and according to where people buy this product, the price is only around $30 to $50.
The trash talker is basically a trash can that says or suggests more insults and suggestions.
The bad boy makes an insult every time he throws it in the trash and says, \"Hey, you know, you\'re what you eat!
\"Or\" turn off the carbs, dear!
\"The trash speaker was originally a prank gift with a variety of models with different names everywhere, and costs range from $20 to $100 depending on the model and the type of company
In addition, tilt and motion sensors are available in most models.
Sensor FreshQSensor q is a strange and rather expensive version of most kitchen tools.
Master the concept of sensor FreshQ with new technology.
This device can detect the number of bacteria in meat, usually red meat.
The LCD screen gives three colors at launch, red, yellow and green, called the \"microbial combat sensor \".
Green means that the meat is fresh and can be eaten, yellow means that there are bacteria present that need to be eaten in the next few hours, and red means that too many bacteria are accumulated in the meat and should be thrown away.
The price of the sensor FreshQ is only $15;
However, it takes about $5 for a pair to use the device Q card.
Depending on how often people use the device, it becomes very expensive because a card has only five readings before it dies.
While not as useful as it sounds to everyone, it perfectly injects new technology into the kitchen.
The kettle chameleon, while not entirely a future gadget, blends the old technology with better innovative uses, much cheaper than most, for $10 to $15
This gadget changes color according to temperature and comes with a silicon base handle for easy grip, unlike most kettles, the whole body does not heat up with the contents.
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