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automated action: automated sheet metal storage from kasto and handling cuts delivery times.

by:QUESTT     2020-08-08
Klonwoxie of the Netherlands-
Basic Steel shareholders and contract manufacturers of small batch semi-finished products
The finished sheet metal components invest in Kasto\'s two interconnected automated storage systems and connect them to three sheet metal laser cutting machines to help speed up delivery.
Uniline store and Unitower B ensure fast, accurate, damaged-
The supplier\'s warehouse management system tracks inventory and ensures the smooth progress of order processing while providing free material processing.
Internet shopping is on the rise, not only consumers shopping, but also industry shopping.
Manufacturers are increasingly ordering materials online as it allows for easy comparison of different offers, saving time and reducing costs.
Increased competition means that in order to succeed, suppliers must not only have a variety of attractive products at a price, but also be able to deliver quickly and provide comprehensive services.
De Cromvoirtse, founded in 1982 and headquartered in the town of Oisterwijk, near Tilburg, discovered this trend very early.
Since 2008, the company has operated an online portal that currently accounts for about 70% of orders.
Customers can upload drawings and specifications using the website and receive an automatic calculated quote for component production within two minutes.
In addition to the laser cutting machine, the manufacturing capacity includes stepping on the brakes.
About 90% of the products are made of steel, stainless steel or aluminum plates, and the rest are pipes and profiles.
Janwillem Verschuuren, one of the two managing directors of the company, commented, \"most of our 1,200 clients are small and medium-sized --
Large companies like agricultural machinery manufacturers, car body manufacturers and machine manufacturers.
\"It\'s often not cost-effective for them to buy their own machines and hire specialists to make parts because they only need a limited number.
\"In general, we offer lasers-
Parts are cut within 24 to 48 hours, while folded sheet metal parts can be provided within one week.
\"In order to reliably and quickly meet the needs of the growing customer base, De Cromvoirtse not only automated the ordering process, but also automated most of the production.
Its metal processing machines operate around the clock, seven days a week, including long periods of unattended operation.
The average material in stock is 400 to 500 tons. The double-
The sided ine store in Kasto has nearly 1,000 storage locations with special pallets of different materials and sizes as well as residues.
The stacker operates between two rows of equipment, automatically storing and recycling materials as needed.
Mr. Verschuuren recalled, \"We looked into the various storage options when we invested in the new warehouse, But Kasto quickly became the front desk --runner.
\"Other manufacturers have provided us with unsatisfactory standard solutions, while Kasto has worked with us from the planning stage to develop new ideas for design.
They tell us clearly what doesn\'t work and what doesn\'t.
\"It turns out, for example, that it is possible to connect two planes --
Seamless bed laser cutting machine for continuous flow of materials.
For convenience, Kasto installed two robots at uniine\'s output station.
Using a vacuum suction device, the manipulator lifts the sheets from the warehouse, puts them on the shuttle table, and then removes the finished parts and residues.
In this way, De Cromvoirtse greatly improves the production capacity of the machine and shortens the production time.
Ronnie van den Hook, another general manager of De Cromvoirtse, said, \"the KASTO solution allows us to process our materials quickly, efficiently and safely.
\"The stacker is equipped with two pallet stations to shorten the cycle time and avoid running empty.
For each storage operation, a retrieval operation always occurs at the same time.
\"As the company\'s online business is booming, the number of orders is increasing and even the system is finally reaching its limit.
On 2016, the company asked Kasto how to improve the performance of the store.
The first idea of the supplier is to add a second stacker to the existing single line system, but this reconfigure will interfere with the operation of the store.
As a result, Kasto designed an alternative solution to install a separate Unitower B store next to an existing internal device
Line system with additional capacity.
The latest storage system installed in a few weeks does not interrupt the operation of shareholders, consisting of double towers and stackers.
Rise to the height of 8
5 M, compact footprint, with space of nearly 80 pallets, each can hold up to 3,000x1, 500mm of paper.
Only the pallets being called need to be moved to ensure fast access time, while efficient lifting devices can significantly save energy.
For maximum flexibility, Unitower connects to the Uniline store at the top through a longitudinal rail bridge
Car mounted.
In this way, the tray is automatically moved from one area of the storage facility to another without losing the precious space below.
Connect an additional laser cutting machine to the unit to perform loading and unloading automatically.
With a variety of clips, the entire sheet and cutting parts and residues can be processed to increase productivity and flexibility.
Mr Verschuuren believes that one of the advantages of the Kasto solution is that, unlike many other storage systems, it allows easy integration of any brand of metal processing machinery.
As a result, De Cromvoirtse is able to obtain production equipment from multiple suppliers, so it is possible to use machines that are best suited to a given requirement.
Both the new and existing stores are controlled by KASTOlogic, Kasto\'s warehouse management software, and KASTOlogic has been programmed to treat the two areas as a single connection system for ease of operation
Connect with the ERP system of shareholders to ensure consistent data and smooth order processing.
Like machine tools-
On-site, single line, Unitower can be monitored and remote.
If necessary, the Kasto engineer can access the facility online from Germany and correct any problems, although Mr van den Hook stated that there is very little need to do so.
He concluded, \"KASTO gave us the best support in our recent project, as it did from the beginning.
\"While improving productivity, we also make the work of our employees easier, and our customers continue to benefit from short deliveries.
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