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are color laser printers better than inkjets?

by:QUESTT     2020-07-22
If you are considering buying a color laser printer, you will need to read this article first.
We will see when the laser is a better choice, when inkjet is a better choice, which option will cost less in the long run.
The price of color laser printers has dropped a lot compared to a few years ago.
If you go back for 5 years or more, you have to buy one for $1500, which will be a very basic model with little fancy stuff.
Now you can get a better model for less than $400.
They are still not just typical inkjet printers, but it is very tempting to switch to a laser printer at this price.
Compared to inkjet printers, the main advantage of laser printers is the overall cost of printing. The per-
The page Cost of color laser is usually only a small part of the inkjet printer.
These savings can really increase if you do a lot of printing.
The problem is that the color laser printer is barely as good for printing the photo quality output.
If you want to print your own photos, which are no different from the ones you get at the local photo developer, inkjet is definitely the best option.
Color laser printers are still a reasonable job for photos, so they work well if you don\'t look for real photo quality.
They are ideal for charts or charts, or any other commercial or school print that includes color.
In some cases, both are worth buying.
Color lasers and photos for printing most of the content-
Provide high quality inkjet for your photo printing.
Another advantage of the laser printer compared to inkjet is the life of the toner cartridge.
The laser dimmer won\'t dry like an inkjet cartridge, so if your printer is idle for a long time, or if you print most of it in black and white, the color ink won\'t be used a lot because you won\'t waste the dry cartridge, so you \'d better go with a laser and push your printing costs through the roof.
The key is to determine how much you expect to use your printer and what you will print before you make a decision.
Then select the type that best suits your specific needs.
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