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Advantages of Laser Cutters Over Mechanical Cutters

by:QUESTT     2020-06-01
With the increasing demand for laser cutting machine products, more and more small businesses and large manufacturing plants are replacing traditional mechanical cutting methods with laser cutting.Laser cutting has unique advantages that many other methods cannot provide.High-precision finished parts manufactured with laser cutting machines have finer tolerances than mechanical partscut items.The edge load of the cutting blade creates a slight distortion deformation on the finished shape.These distortions may be small and invisible to the naked eye, but when working under strict tolerances, this is still enough to reject a part and ask for a re-manufacture.The beam does not wear like a cutting blade.When cutting many parts, the wear on the mechanical cutting blade causes a change, and the difference between the first and last pieces in a batch can be large.On the other hand, the laser cutting machine produces exactly the same finished product on a consistent basis.Mechanical cutting introduces the possibility of contamination, whether it is the blade or the part being cut.In the absence of physical contact, laser cutting reduces or eliminates the possibility of cross-contactcontamination.Laser cutting machines produce new and possible manufacturers who often find that they can offer additional products and services.The laser cutting machine is capable of making complex shapes, details even beyond the ability of the smallest saw blade.Parts that have previously had to be processed manually to add details or eliminate the rough edges on the cutters ready for shipment.Cutting is usually not required or rarely required to be completed.Automatic sealing of the edge of the synthetic material can also eliminate another type of postcutting step.Some materials are not cost-effective.Effective cutting with traditional methods, but it is easy to produce laser.The hard or abrasive material will wear the saw blade, but the beam of the laser cutting machine will not be affected.Another benefit of laser cutting is the wide range of materials that can be used.By adjusting the power, a laser cutting machine can cut quartz or oak, and after a few minutes, cut a piece of paper cleanly without tearing the paper.A laser can replace several mechanical cutting machines.These laser cutting machines can handle not only different materials, but also a variety of work.For rough cuts and fine details, you no longer need separate tools.In fact, you don\'t even need to run separately for both cuts.Once passed, raw materials can be converted into finished products without any additional work.The software makes the process of laser cutting simple and safe.This also makes it easy to replace work when moving from one production batch to the next.The installation is fast and production may increase when leaving the mechanical system.
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