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5 avoidable mistakes of in laser engraving

by:QUESTT     2020-08-05
The use of heavy machinery requires proper use to avoid traps.
Whether new or experienced engineers, it is important to understand how to avoid common mistakes when operating heavy machinery like laser engraving.
It can damage its sensitive parts because not all parts have a lot of resistance power except Mitsubishi spare parts and Fanuc spare parts.
When a problem occurs, you may guess what is wrong when using it.
So, to help you, we have come up with common mistakes that you might make.
Using a laser on an unbearable fabric will eventually burn.
Research and understand which fabrics can counter high power settings during this process.
Denim, leather, canvas can resist high power settings.
Set up your settings at high speed when you use delicate fabrics and gradually reduce the power to 5%-10%.
To avoid wasting any material, test a small piece at the beginning to see if the fabric can withstand it.
Adjust the power supply before getting the results.
When trying directlyto-
Clothing engraving, reduce DPI (dots per inch).
Engraving at a lower DPI will ensure that the laser evaporates the top layer and does not completely burn the fabric.
Generally, the best results are carved at 150 to 300 DPI.
There are two kinds of acrylic for laser engraving.
Liquid acrylic extrusion acrylic liquid acrylic is the best when producing cast acrylic sheets and objects.
You pour it into the mold and make it into various shapes and sizes.
This is a perfect acrylic carving, because it will become cold white when carving.
It won\'t fire your project.
Cut its polished edges with a laser.
Another type of acrylic for engraving is extrusion acrylic.
The machine turns the extruded acrylic in the form of paper.
And because high-
Mass manufacturing technology, lower cost.
It cuts clean, the output is smooth and creates a flamepolished edge.
When used for engraving, it provides you with clear engraving.
So, if you want a frosted white finish, do your engraving project with liquid acrylic.
When you use laser engraving on glass, sometimes it can\'t pass through normally.
As a result, it breaks the surface.
In the end, it creates a broken glass surface with a frosted look.
Rough with gaps
To avoid this and create a smooth frosted surface, here are some tips to help you: the user has a lower resolution. Up to 300 DPI.
When you separate the carved points, it will produce better results.
DIY tip: Apply a thin and wet newspaper or paper towel to the area to help cool the heat.
It improves the whole process.
Make sure the paper you are applying for is flat with no folds.
You can also try changing the black in the drawing to 80% black.
With a non-polished area
Anti-scratch clean cloth.
Better users of laser parts.
Mitsubishi spare parts, the spare parts of the hair section will improve the efficiency of your machine.
Apply a thin layer of liquid soap to the area.
We saw the biggest carving on the wood.
It\'s the most laser.
There are friendly materials outside.
Due to the different types of wood, their reaction to laser engraving may be different.
For example, if you make a large square with a piece of cherry, it will look even.
If the same piece is made of oak, its height may be due to non-
Uniform appearance.
To smoke and debris, try carving from the bottom up.
When carving dyed wood, wipe the surface of the wood with a damp cloth.
In terms of maintenance, it is important to clean up the machine regularly.
You put the manual with your machine.
It is also important to check the optical system once a week when needed.
Please note that when your optical system looks dirty.
Because that\'s when you have to clean them up.
These are the most common mistakes you may make.
If you are a manufacturer, designer or layman, avoid these mistakes and improve the efficiency of the laser machine.
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