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3W 4\'x4\' Arduino Laser Cutter/Engraver

by:QUESTT     2020-06-22
In this tutorial, you will learn how to Engraving/cutting machine with 3 W laser controlled by 4 feet, Arduino (
For thin materials)
About $300.
The main thing that separates this tutorial from other laser engraving tutorials here is the cutting/engraving area of about 42x42 inch.
This item came up when I tried to create a 20x15 pixel coffee table.
In order for the light to separate to create \"pixels\", I need to be able to cut my own fairly large foam mesh.
One of the most expensive parts of creating your own Pixel table or wall is creating a grid, and most people cut their lasers out of the foam through some kind of online laser cutting service.
The only problem with the online service is that it\'s not cheap and I\'m a college student in bankruptcy.
The only option I see is to build my own laser cutter.
The rated power of this special laser cutting machine is up to 3 watts, although this power is insignificant compared to the industrial Co2 laser cutting machine, the industrial Co2 laser cutting machine usually starts from about 40 watts to 500 watts, the power of 3 watts is enough to cut thin materials such as foam board, balsa wood, plastic, and cardboard
Although 3 watts may not be enough to pass through your thicker material, it is enough to carve an image on almost any surface (
Shown above).
Your material (
Depends on where you bought it.
About $300.
Full list of materials (B. O. M. V1)
All the materials I use, including links to each material.
Keep in mind that you don\'t need to use these exact materials and there are a lot of different components that can be used for this build as well. This B. O. M.
Prices of bolts, screws and Wood are not included.
Material is not included in B. O. M.
Tool if you follow the chart posted above, the circuit is very direct.
However, you also need to pay close attention to some technical details: I included the 3D design of the laser cutting machine in the attachment in order to show you the general frame of the project (
Create design spark machinery).
The design is zoom and shows you how to assemble the laser cutting machine.
Thankfully, the software needed to run the laser cutting machine is free and open source for everyone.
Below is a link to each step, along with the laser engraving extension attached to this step.
Required software: start downloading all required software and put it on someone you won\'t lose (
For example, the specified folder in my document).
Install Inkscape and take out the laser engraver. zip file.
After the laser sculptor
The extracted zip opens the folder and copies all the files in it to the C: \\ Program file (x86)
\\ Inkscape \\ share \\ extensions.
Take a look at the pictures of the comments above and learn more about what files to copy.
Next, install the Arduino IDE and the GRBL Library (
These must be done separately).
I will not discuss how to install the GRBL Arduino library. There are many tutorials outside.
Finally, extract common codev1. 0. 7.
Zip to your own folder.
The universal G-code Sender is the software that sends the design information to the Arduino.
After extraction.
You will find a file named start-windows.
Bat, double-click this file to start the software.
Get an idea: One thing you need to keep in mind when considering the design is that if the laser cutter should be colored, it won\'t fill the picture.
If you look at the first picture above, you can see an example of what I said.
Inspiration can come from anywhere when you have unlimited design possibilities.
The other day I was watching the Ted Talk, taking notes and creating what you see in the second picture above.
I have attached it too.
Svg for design so that you can edit/use it yourself. A .
Svg is not your normal picture format like.
Jpeg is a vector image.
This means that the entire image is made up of points rather than pixels, which makes it fully scalable
Can not lose its definition.
Create design: After you have some idea of what you are going to do, you need to open up a vector-based software.
For example, I\'m using programs like Inkscape or Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop or gimp that won\'t be able to create vectors.
You can create your own image from a scrap or an existing image of an online user and convert it to a vector, which I described more in the video above.
Go Media also sells vector packages that I highly recommend that make creating designs very simple.
Conversion design: once you have your design, you now need to convert it into a format that the laser cutter can read.
This is a convenient place for Inkscape laser engraving expansion.
Select your design and use this extension for conversion.
In the video above, I covered all these steps in more detail.
In the video above, I discussed how to connect the laser cutter to a PC, adjust the software settings, and prepare for the operation.
Adjusting software settings: mainly make sure that your maximum X & Y rate matches the speed you set during the vector conversion process.
Adjusting the hardware: you can see in the picture above that I am adjusting to reduce the current, this step is not a must, it\'s just an easy way to focus the laser without burning the material.
Print: make sure the speed is set, the laser is focused and aligned to the bottom right corner of the object you are going to burn.
Now click send and sit down and watch!
The laser warning is very careful when the laser is running, and I highly recommend reading this wiki page to better understand exactly how dangerous laser radiation is.
If used improperly, it may cause burns and blindness to the skin.
Before operating the laser, please click on the link below and read it.
Laser safety thank you very much for reading this manual, it has taken a lot of time to create this manual.
If you would like to see more of the projects we have been working on, please go to our website at Famousmods.
ComAlso please vote for us in CNC challenge, guerrilla design contest and tool contest! ! Thank you all!
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