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3d printing weaves its way into fashion

by:QUESTT     2020-08-04
The latest T-set is not made of sewing machines, but by printers.
3D printing has been around for decades, but it\'s just getting into the fashion world.
A technology that used to be used primarily for prototyping is now spitting out wearable items.
3D printers have been used to make jewelry and premium jewelry.
End the costume and maybe soon people can print out the costume from the comfortable living room.
In fact, according to inventor and futurist Ray Kurzweil, consumers will print their own garments by 2020. [
10 most strange things created by 3D printing]
Funny dancer Dita Von Teese made an eye-catching entrance in a 3D costume at a meeting at the Ace Hotel in New York City on Februaryprinted, black-Nylon online shopcrystal-studded dress.
Designer Francis Beatty and Michael Schmidt (
People who design clothes for Lady Gaga and Tina Turner)
Co-produced New York printed dresses --
The company is headquartered in shapeway.
The dress has nearly 3,000 joints that move independently.
Bitonti says it looks a bit unreal.
\"In the real world, we are not used to encountering a precise situation,\" he noted . \".
The design of Chainmail makes this dress very flexible, so it can be worn and taken off like normal clothes.
This is not street clothing, though.
\"You won\'t go to the grocery store in a chain skirt,\" Bitonti told life science . \".
In order to create such a futuristic garment, the designer made a computer drawing and entered it into a 3D printer, creating a ring phase by laying a thin nylon powder and merging it with a laser
It is called the process of laser sintering.
They printed the dress with 12 pieces of clothing, which were dyed black and glued together with their hands. But 3D-
Printing clothing is not only suitable for the elite: a company called Continuum Fashion has customized clothing for technicians
For consumers.
Continue created the first 3D-
Printed bikini, consisting of a round nylon disc with a small spring connection.
Cheaper than Crystal though.
This bikini-studded gown may still leave a mark on your wallet.
Each bikini is custom made and costs about $275 per bikini. While 3D-
Printed clothing is relatively new and has been used for years to make accessories including jewelry, handbags and shoes.
The future of fashion?
Soon after, 3D-
Printing clothing has become the mainstream.
\"This has happened in the accessories area,\" Bitonti said . \".
He predicted that there were two to three years before 3D.
Printed handbags and shoes are about 10 years away from store shelves.
At present, the cost of making garments using 3D printers is still higher than that of traditional manufacturing methods.
Bitonti said that the main obstacle to reducing costs is the factory system: companies that make 3D printers also produce materials.
But companies like shapeway have slashed prices.
\"We are considering a new industrial revolution,\" he added . \"
Even so, is printing just a fashion?
Bitonti does not think so.
\"This is definitely not a fashionable thing.
\"It changed the rules of the game,\" he said . \"
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