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3d printers: super models

by:QUESTT     2020-05-29
The 3D system of ProJet HD 3000 may look a lot like hi-
But this is actually a new way to make babies.
Or building models.
Or working mechanical parts.
It is currently developing a prototype of an engagement ring.
Behind its glass window, a metal tray moves back and forth, and each move is sprayed with liquid acrylic resin by 400 micro-jet devices.
The tray also moves up in small increments, taking pains to build a delicate model layer by layer.
When, in the end, the rings inside appear-already cured by ultraviolet rays-they are covered with wax, making their fragile structures supported during construction.
In the oven for about an hour, the wax melts and leaves a perfect, sturdy sample ring.
ProJet HD 3000 3D system is one of the latest generation printers, able to reproduce three
Exact size computer design like a normal desktop printer can reproduce computer documents-if a little slower.
Modeling babies in the womb is just one of the most recently developed applications for 3D printing.
Scan data using ultrasound, CT, and MRI converted to CAD (computer-aided design)
Files, printers can give prospective parents a perfect life
The size model of their childrento-be.
At the same time, many construction companies use these printers to build scale models they design, rather than wasting valuable human resources
Made with strong glue and balsa wood for several hours.
3D printing is used as a model and setting for a recent stop
Animated film Caroline.
Many printers can also get enough details to produce moving parts, so the chassis of the car that works is small (
With gears, wheels and axles)
It is placed at the top of ProJet-the chassis is not printed as a separate part, but as a separate item.
Ten years ago, the 3D printer was
Millions of pounds of monsters, nitrogen and other complex requirements for their own professional power supply.
They were big and messy and had to live in their own separate facilities.
By contrast, today\'s 50,000 Pro Jet rotates quietly in a corner of a room at Inition, a technology company that handles all three-dimensional things in east London, from television broadcasts to \"augmented reality\" software.
Soon, this printing will become a standard part of the prototyping process for all products from architecture to mobile phones.
\"Five years later,\" said Robin Thomas, who is in charge of the intion 3D printing business, \"the dream of all 3D printer manufacturers is to have one on every desktop in the world \".
This month, the vision was a little closer to reality when Z Corporation-one of the few major 3D printer manufacturers-released their latest printer Z printer 350.
About £ 16,000, the most affordable model on the market;
Easy to use and able to produce objects up to 8 in x 10 in x 8 in at 0 speed.
8 inch kilometers per hour vertically-fast according to competition standards.
Thinglab has a ZCorp Z printer 650, a high-end printer of 50class cousin.
Unlike ProJet, it uses powder materials to build objects.
After the printing is completed, the hose will suck away the excess powder as it was found to be archaeological.
This powder can be reused the next time it is printed so that the Z printer does not produce waste.
Thomas said with two palms: \"This material is also cheaper . \"
The size of the print cube, one for each machine.
\"The cube of the ZCorp printer is not as clear as the cube of the ProJet printer,\" he explained, \"but the print is faster and costs around 11 or 12.
The ProJet resin cube costs £ 50.
The printer of company Z is for the product designer to convey an idea to give people a new MP3 player, mobile phone or building model to spread around in the demo;
They are also the only 3D printer printed in color.
\"On the other hand, the ProJet printer is suitable for a fully functional, durable model and fine working parts.
They can use ultra-
High definition, about 47 layers per mm-about the thickness of the hair-so the details and resolution of its model are incredible.
\"The speed of printing depends on the height of the object, so a complex chain-
Mail is built as a whole and it can take two or three hours in Thinglab\'s Pro Jet.
At the same time, it takes 36 hours to print the human head.
One of the company\'s newest customers is indeed printing a miniature copy of their head on Z\'s machine.
\"He sees business opportunities to scan people\'s faces and make their small models,\" explains Thomas . \".
\"There is now a market for underta to scan the face of the body in the coffin to make the tombstone.
They can then convert the scanned image into a 3D model and place it on a tombstone.
Obviously, it is very big in Europe.
\"Among the other clients of Thinglab, there is an artist who wants to rebuild the pipe fittings of the plumber for the sculpture;
A University department of geology that wants to study the landscape model of earthquake damage;
An Australian museum of science for which the company printed a model of a prehistoric lung fish;
Someone broke the porcelain sculpture they planned to give to friends, and experts at the Christmas supplies lab scanned the damaged statue and printed a repair version.
CAD files for printers to become models can be created from scratch with many different software programs, including Google\'s free \"Google SketchUp \", you can also use a laser to scan the light scanner from your life and then translate it into a digital format.
As a result, bust, which is incredibly sunburned by John Cleese, is decorated with Thinglab Studios.
Thomas said: \"Cleese is very fascinated by 3D technology, so we scanned and printed his [head]
His TV series
Battery is not included.
We also had David Hockney here last week to scan him to make the model.
He couldn\'t say anything-someone said he was going to make a 3D documentary about his life.
\"Advanced Technology in Exeter or X-
AT is a business research and development business AT the College of Engineering, Mathematics and Physical Sciences, University of Exeter.
X-Mike Fairstead
The manager said that his department has been using 3D printers for about ten years and is used for rapid prototyping of product designs in various fields.
Felstead explained: \"It\'s very good to make a computer screenshot, but the customer wants a project at hand to see what the final product looks like.
For example, we printed a hat.
A pin called AeroCatch, a professional fastener company;
It is designed for rally cars and special sports cars.
Printed proof that the system will run before they go to make all the expensive precision tools to produce real things.
We even did a physical test of it to check if it would take the required load.
\"With the development of the 3D printing market, this process will also be further extended to the professional field.
According to Felstead and Thomas, the racing and aerospace industries are particularly interested in metal 3D printing, which will enable them to quickly and accurately replicate highly specialized vehicle components.
\"The technology will also be commercially customized on a large scale,\" Felstead said . \".
\"A few years ago, when the clip-
Popular on the cover of the phone, some people think you may have booths like passport photo booth where you can play around with some simple software, design a new cover for your phone and come back in half an hour and find it printed out.
Some of our students are working on a project sponsored by Cadbury that takes advantage of the principles of 3D printing to design chocolate-it is possible to design custom chocolate to bloom like flowers.
\"At present, it may be the most useful application for 3D printing (
More useful if possible than a printer that makes chocolate)
It is the printer of printer \"Reprap\" developed by mechanical engineer of the University of Bath, which produces its own replica.
Of course, this is the most logical way to install a 3D printer to a desktop and someone else\'s desktop.
Breeding line: Progress of printers 1953 First High
The fast printer was developed by Remington Rand for the company\'s Univac computer.
It\'s about the size of Mini Cooper.
The 1971 Xerox company, which created the first laser printer, called the ear, developed into a commercial laser printer, the Xerox 9700 electronic printing system, which was released in 1977.
About the area of Volvo Manor (below).
1976 however, IBM\'s Volvosaloon-
The IBM 3800 laser printer beat Xerox to print at more than 100 per minute. 1988Hewlett-
Packard has released the first desktop inkjet printer, jet.
It\'s similar in size to two.
Oxford Dictionary of English. 1992Hewlett-
Packard released the first laser printer LaserJet 4-600x600 points-per-Inch resolution.
Its shape and size are comparable to that of earlier microwaves.
The current form of 1933d printing was originally developed at MIT (MIT).
The \"alpha machine\" of the Institute is about G-Wiz car.
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