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3d printer prints prototype \'pizza\'

by:QUESTT     2020-05-27
The days of freezing have passed
A space meal.
One day, astronauts may press a few buttons on the machine to print delicious home cooked dishes for them. Sound crazy? Well it\'s not.
The future is here, this week in the United States released a prototype of a 3D printer that can print food.
The video shows the printer making a \"pizza crust\" with dough, tomato sauce and cream cheese and then cooking on a heated surface.
The 3D printing machine makes a prototype of \"pizza.
While it may not look as good as this pizza, it is a huge step forward for technology.
The printer is still in the early stages of development, the process is not perfect, but the technology is expected to improve rapidly.
Maybe it can make roast lamb dinner soon with hasselback potatoes, fried greens and mint sauce?
It doesn\'t look as good as this pizza.
Source: Chuck Hall, a 3D systems company, invented thinkstock 3D printing in 1984, but the real boom in this technology has happened over the past 10 years as printers continue to become more affordable, so it can be used in various industries.
Here are some photos of other objects printed by 3D machines.
3D printers can make machinery, nanotechnology, clothing, cutlery, jewelry, eye masks, and now food.
What will they print next?
Source: Getty Images these robots made of 3D printers can play football.
Source: 3D printing spring racing hat News Co. , Ltd.
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