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Hackers foil Samsung S8\'s iris recognition technology using only a photo of an eye

by:QUESTT     2020-08-11
The iris recognition security feature of Samsung s8 has been proven by German hackers to be easy to bypass \"basic tools \".
After the disastrous roll, the comeback mobile phone as a technology giant launched
S8 is the only one and can be purchased in less than a month.
One of the new features of this phone is its iris recognition technology, which will allow users to unlock the phone just by pointing the camera to their unique iris pattern.
Unfortunately, security features are easily circumvented, as shown by a team of German hackers Organizing Chaos Computer Clubs (CCC).
Founded in 1981, it is the largest hacker association in Europe and is considered a curious group of technical experts rather than cyber criminals.
It describes itself as \"providing information about technical and social issues such as monitoring, privacy, freedom of information, hacking, data security, and many other interesting things around Technology \".
In 2008, the team obtained and released fingerprints from German Interior Minister Wolfgang Schauble in protest against the inclusion of fingerprint data in biometric passports.
The video uploaded by the organization continues to have doubts about biometrics, showing how to use only basic tools to frustrate iris recognition.
This is no longer the first time a hacker from the CCC biometric working group has foiled a sensor for a new phone, as Apple\'s Touch ID fingerprint recognition could be defeated in 2015.
They trick s8\'s iris recognition system by using night mode settings on standard digital cameras because the sensors work with infrared rays.
Hackers took a photo of their \"victims\" from a few metres away.
The infrared image is then printed using a laser printer and contact lenses placed on the infrared image print photo.
When picking up the phone, it is considered the eye of the person whose phone is registered and unlocked.
CCC spokesman Dirk England said in an interview with The Guardian, \"as we expose our Iris in large numbers, iris recognition poses even greater security risks to users than fingerprints.
\"If you value the data on your phone --
Might even want to pay with it-
Use a traditional pin
Protection is a safer approach than using body features for authentication.
\"At the time of launch, Samsung did not respond to a request for comment from Sky News.
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